General Products may be purchased by all, but only trained Healthy Congregations Facilitators may purchase Facilitator Products. If you're interested in becoming a Facilitator, click here.


General Products may be purchased by all.


Facilitator Products may only be purchased by trained Healthy Congregations Facilitators. Facilitator status will be confirmed before each product ships.

Return Policy

If you have a question regarding materials to be returned or replaced please email us at office@healthycongregations.com or call us at 740-803-2417. All orders are to be checked for accuracy and inspected for damages within 7 days of receipt. Returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of shipping. Only unused Facilitator Manuals and damaged materials may be returned. Facilitators are responsible for the cost of returning unused facilitator manuals. Materials returned are expected to be in the same condition in which they arrived. No refund will be given for materials damaged in the return process.  Please do not return DVDs.

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