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What is Healthy Congregations?

Healthy Congregations is an ecumenical and interfaith organization that takes seriously the times that we live in and the challenges of thinking more clearly about families, congregations, and leadership. Healthy Congregations, Inc. offers resources and training that are based on a view of life that looks at communities as living systems that incorporate thinking, feeling, responsibility, and purpose.

Making use of the contributions of leaders in the field of Bowen Family Systems Theory and congregational life, Healthy Congregations, Inc. has created educational resources and leadership development material designed with the purpose of encouraging healthier, clearer and deeper individual and community life.

An Introduction to the work
of Healthy Congregations

"Dipping a Toe in the Water: An Overview of Bowen Family Systems Theory", with Jennifer Long

"Unknown Terrain: 6 Things I Don't Know About Tomorrow & 7 Predictions", with Israel Galindo

What does Healthy Congregations do?

The purpose of Healthy Congregations, Inc. is to develop training, education, and consultation in emotional process as

it relates to community and congregational systems.


For those interested in leading workshops


For those who serve as teachers of emotional process thinking and its resources


For those seeking to enrich and expand their ability to apply principles of systems thinking to self, family, and organizations


Chance for case studies, coaching, consultation, conversation


For those interested and committed to making the connections between emotional process and clarity of purpose in an organization

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