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Coaching & Consultation

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The concept of “coaching” around life issues or particular strategies of development and leadership has received increased attention in recent years.

consult2Family Systems coaching or consultation is a unique form of work, with the goal of moving toward differentiation of self for an individual, family, or organization. The key to this aspect of family systems process is to establish an ongoing relationship with someone who can be objective, has a knowledge of Bowen family systems theory, who is experienced at defining a self, and will not ask an individual or system to do what they can’t or won’t.


If differentiation of self is, as Friedman said in 1993, a “life-long process of striving to keep one’s being in balance through a reciprocal, external, and internal process,” then a relationship with a neutral person outside the family or organization can assist individuals regardless of their place in a system.


Take the Next Steps

Members of the HC Network are available for phone and Skype conversation and distance consultation, as needed. Feel free to contact Dr. Emlyn Ott through the Healthy Congregations office or by email.

As part of the Leadership Series, participants have the opportunity to participate in group coaching sessions.