Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers

Healthy Congregations offers “Training of Trainers”

In the Healthy Congregations Network, over 100 people have been designated as those who train other people to be workshop facilitators. This level of development is a key to the further thinking about family systems and the principles and forces that impact congregational and community life.


June 19th – 20th
9am – 5pm

If interested, please submit the following materials to the Healthy Congregations Office. Up to 7 applicants will be chosen to participate in the training, based on the following criteria:

  1. training3Letter of application to Healthy Congregations, Inc. that indicates your reason for applying for the training and the history of your experience, education and group work regarding family systems theory, Bowen theory and Healthy Congregations material. (This training focuses on those who have previously been trained as facilitators of HC material. If you have training that you would consider “parallel” to this experience, that will be taken into consideration. The expectation for our trainers is that they have a minimum of three years experience in leading HC material.)
  2. Three letters of reference from those who have observed your work in family systems or Healthy Congregations workshop leadership giving candid assessment of strengths and growth areas.
  3. Commitment that specifically states how the trainer intends to be involved in an on-going supervision, family of origin or coaching experience that is Bowen family systems theory based.
  4. An application fee of $250 is due by May 1st, with the balance of $450 due by the beginning of your “trainers” session if you have been accepted into the program. The application fee is refundable for those who are not accepted, or those who cannot participate in the program with 30 days notice of withdrawal from the program.
  5.  A Healthy Congregations Leadership Intensive will be held on June 21st -23rd. Trainers involved in the sessions on June 19-20 will be offered participation in the Intensive at a discounted rate of $350 (regular rate for other participants is $450). The Leadership Intensives will meet 8:30 to 4:30.

Following acceptance into the training, participants will each be given reading and specific leadership assignments to be shared with others during the training.

Cost, that includes materials and tuition, Payable to Healthy Congregations, Inc. Training will be held at Healthy Congregations which is located on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 2199 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43209. Options for housing will be communicated upon acceptance into the program. Applications can be sent digitally to or through surface mail at: Healthy Congregations, Inc. 2199 E. Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43209. All applications are due on or before May 1st.