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Growing thoughtful leaders is an every day process. Consider participating in our Membership Network during the coming year and have access to a way to stay engaged with people, leadership, family and congregational process.

The Membership Network Conversations is a new addition to HC’s commitment to developing a stronger church. HC Membership is an invitation to deeper thinking this year.

All members will be given access to an on-line conversation with the following dates:

Feb. 24th
Ron Richardson
10:30am – 12pm

March 24th
Margaret Marcuson
10:30am – 12pm
April 28th
John Engels
10:30am – 12pm
Currently, all past Membership Network Conversations are available under the Resources of our Membership Portal.


For just $105 per year, the Membership Network offers the following connections:

  • Special portal in the website just for members
  • Access to previous subscriptions of the “Main Street Forum”
  • Discounted access to distance learning activities sponsored by Healthy Congregations, Inc.
  • Copy of Healthy Congregations’ Book of the Year
  • Healthy Congregation’s swag

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to anyone interested in learning more about the theory—and about the work of Healthy Congregations. It also support’s our commitment to Develop, Train, Educate, and Consult.  We offer students a special discount subscription to the Membership Network with the same benefits as a standard subscription. The fee is only $52.50.

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Membership expires after 367 Days.
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Membership expires after 367 Days.