Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

Workshop Facilitators

Healthy Congregations, Inc. offers resources and training that are based on a view of life that looks at communities as living systems that incorporate thinking, feeling, responsibility, and purpose.

These resources are centered around 6 workshops:

Workshop 1: Creating Healthy Congregations

Workshop 1 introduces the basics of systems thinking and looks at building capacities to accept differences while focusing on organizational strength and mission.

Workshop 2: Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety and Change

Workshop 2 focuses on identifying and dealing with anxiety in communities, management of conflict, and developing capacities to be flexible and creative through it all.

Workshop 3: Leadership in Healthy Congregations

Workshop 3 works on the development of healthier processes by looking at how leaders function, rather than through programs and techniques. The workshop highlights the role leaders as providing immunity to processes that tear down the fabric of the community.

Workshop 4: Relationships in Healthy Congregations

Workshop 4 deals with the development of graciousness and truth. The workshop focuses on building relationships founded in care, encouragement, and empowerment.

Workshop 5: Healthy Congregations Develop Generous People

Workshop 5 looks at broad perspectives around stewardship and how it relates to emotional processes in a system.

Workshop 6: The Spiritual Care of Healthy Congregations

Workshop 6 deals with sharing, hospitality and ‘beginning again as a way of life.’


     Workshop Facilitators are individuals who have been trained and are equipped to facilitate these workshops in their own communities. This training involves 15 classroom hours that focus on a solid introduction to systems and Bowen family systems theory. Participants will learn how to utilize this foundational knowledge in developing strategies for presenting all six workshops.

Workshop Trainers are individuals who have been trained and are equipped to lead these facilitator training events and train facilitators. All of our Trainers operate independently and we rely upon them to send us information on when they are holding training events. As we learn of training events they are posted on our Events page and through social media. If there are no training events in your area we can provide information for you on who to contact. We have trainers in most states. If you would like to become a Trainer, please click here.

Friday Facilitator Training

Every year, Healthy Congregations offers its own facilitator training opportunity through its office at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. This opportunity offers observation about practical application of the Healthy Congregations Workshops and covers the 15 hours of training over two full days. Healthy Congregations Executive Director Dr. Emlyn Ott will conduct the training. We hope you will choose to be part of this exciting opportunity!


2018 HC Facilitator Training

April 20th – 21st
9am – 5pm


Healthy Congregations, Inc. which is located on the campus of The Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), 3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015


$300 for registered Seminary Students (Discounted registration fee) or $450 for all other participants, paid to Healthy Congregations by the first session. Tuition includes the training sessions plus a copy of the Facilitator Training Manual and DVDs for the six Healthy Congregations workshops.


If you will be needing a room for Thursday night, MTSO has limited availability accommodations. To check vacancy contact Tammy Coffey at housing@mtso.edu. If you prefer a hotel, please contact us and we can recommend several options.



Each participant must be present for both days to complete Workshop Facilitator Training.

Training Facilitator:
ott1The Rev. Dr. Emlyn A. Ott
Emlyn Ott is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and has served as a parish pastor, campus minister, pastoral counselor, leader and seminary professor during the past 29 years. She was named the CEO and Director of the Healthy Congregations, Inc. in 2005. She holds a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, a Doctor of Ministry from Phillips Theological Seminary and is a Clinical Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. She has participated for 12 years in post-graduate work at The Center for Family Process and The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family. Dr. Ott currently serves as Dean of Leadership Formation, Associate Professor of Ministry and Pastoral Leadership at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio.