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Book of the Year



Healthy Congregations is pleased to announce our 2015 Book of the Year: Money and Your Ministry by Margaret J. Marcuson.

The book of the year is included as part of every new and renewal Membership Network subscription.

About Money and Your Ministry

Money does not have to be the hardest thing you do at church. There is an alternative to nonstop fundraising, convincing people to give more—or simply cutting the budget. This approach lets you discover what you bring to church finances that you already have, rather than simply teaching you the latest fundraising technique. Learn how you can: become more thoughtful about the financial challenges you and your church face; see money—and your own leadership strategies— from a different perspective; bring more calm and creativity to recurring and unexpected problems in funding ministry; concentrate on long-term ministry goals and strategic persistence to get financial support for those goals; focus on yourself and what you can impact directly rather than trying harder to convince others to give more or make different financial decisions; enjoy the stewardship process rather than dreading it each year; reduce your overall stress about church finance.