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Growing thoughtful leaders is an every day process.  Consider participating in our Membership Network during the coming year and have access to a way to stay engaged with people, leadership, family and congregational process.

The Membership Network Conversations is a new addition to HC’s commitment to developing a stronger church.   HC Membership is an invitation to deeper thinking this year.

All members will be given access to an on-line conversation with the following people: 

October 16 from 10:30 to 12 noon (EST) – Peter Titelman sharing thoughts on the Book of the Year and his perspective on Murray Bowen’s  development of the concept of differentiation of self. 

December 11 from 10:30 to noon (EST) – Join Executive Director Emlyn Ott sharing thoughts about nodal family events and their connection with thoughtful leadership.

January 15, 2016 from 10:30 to noon (EST) –Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann  offers insights into what Scripture opens up for us around emotions, maturity and family life. 

Looking ahead to February and March: Tony Wilgus on the development of differentiation in clergy families; Priscilla Friesen on her work with neurofeedback; and more…


For just $100 per year (plus $5.00 shipping and handling), the Membership Network offers the following connections:
  • Special portal in the website just for members which will include recordings of the Membership Network Conversations presentations
  • Access to previous subscriptions of the “Main Street Forum”
  • Discounted access to distance learning activities sponsored by Healthy Congregations, Inc.
  • Copy of Healthy Congregations’ Book of the Year
  • A handy, dandy Healthy Congregations book bag


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Membership is open to anyone interested in learning more about the theory—and about the work of HC.  It also support’s Healthy Congregations’ commitment to Develop, Train, Educate, and Consult.

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Students can purchase a subscription to the Membership Network with the same benefits as a standard subscription.  The fee is only $50 (plus $2.50 shipping and handling).

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Book of the Year



Healthy Congregations is pleased to announce our 2016 Book of the YearDifferentiation of Self: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives, edited by Peter Titelman.

The book of the year is included as part of every new and renewal Membership Network subscription.

About Differentiation of Self:  Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives, edited by Peter Titelman

Bowen theory views the family as an ever evolving emotional unit.  This volume gathers a number of essays that explore different aspects of the core concept in Bowen theory—differentiation.  The book is an overview of the historical evolution of differentiation.  It presents current applications of this perspective and provides current thinking and research that can be applied to congregational life, leadership and maturity.  Healthy Congregations is offering its “Conversations….” Program as a way to dig into the ideas offered in Differentiation of Self.  

Join the Membership Network now. Receive the book & take advantage of all the benefits that abound!