National Gathering

National Gathering

Healthy Congregations National Gathering

Healthy Congregations has offered conferences focused on themes of interest to the development of emotional process and systems thinking as it applies to congregational and community life.  Past National Gatherings have included societal emotional process, sibling position and leadership in anxious times.

While we no longer host National Gatherings, DVD recordings of all previous National Gathering plenary sessions are available  for purchase.





Theme: “Debunking the Myth of the Happy Family” and featured guest speakers Ann S. McKnight, LISW, Ed.D & Pastor Peter W. Marty.


Theme: “The Longing for Togetherness: Lament and Hope in Congregational Life” and featured guest speakers Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel and Andrea Maloney Schara, LICSW.


Theme: “Body and Soul: The Brain and Life in Community” and featured guest speakers Dr. Angelo Bolea, Priscilla J. Friesen, LICSW, and Rev. Dr. Lawrence E. Matthews.


Theme: “Getting a Fix on the Quick Fix: Disciplines and Response in an Age of Urgency” and featured guest speakers Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas, Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Richardson, and Susan Luff, APRN, M.S.


Theme: “A Time for Every Matter Under Heaven: Societal Emotional Process” and featured guest speakersKathleen K. Wiseman, M.B.A., Dr. Walter Howard Smith, Jr., and Dr. Robert Creech


Theme: “Triune Brain Theory: New Terrain for the Brain” and featured guest speakers Rev. Gina Gilland Cambell, Dr. Daniel Papero, Rev.Dr. Robert I. Mathis, Priscilla J. Friesen, LICSW


Theme: “Who is My Family’s Keeper? Perspectives on Sibling Position” and featured guest speakers Dr. Michael Kerr, Dr. Walter F. Taylor, Jr., Dr. Emlyn Ott.


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